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I am an actor, writer and new media content creator specializing in comedic video sketches, social media (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, etc…), blogging and the occasional fake science lecture.

My videos currently have over 10,000 subscribers on YouTube (click for link), with nearly 5 million video views, and they have been featured on the Comedy Central and Attack of the Show blogs, as well as numerous other media outlets. My presentations on Godzilla biology for Nerd Nite and TEDx have been called “the best presentation ever” by the organizers, and a senior writer at The Colbert Report stated “it was as good as anything we do on the show” (followed by, “No, we’re not hiring.”) I also recently completed a year-long, daily toy photo and caption project which was featured in the ?uestlove and Artists Wanted “Art Takes Times Square” Project.

I am a graduate of the NYU Tisch School of the Arts acting program, where I studied at the Stella Adler Conservatory and the Classical Studio. I received the Tisch Creative Artist and Scholar Award.

I’ve studied traditional Shaolin kung fu for 10 years at Alan Lee’s Chinese Kung-Fu Wu-Su Association in New York, NY. I have certified in SAFD stage combat for hand-to-hand, rapier and dagger and broadsword. I have also studied boxing, kickboxing, kendo, fencing, aikido and tai chi. I practice Bikram yoga, and have run two New York Marathons.

Favorite roles include Prospero in The Tempest, Donald Wu/Tai Tung Trahn inIn Perpetuity Throughout the Universe and the Narrator in Once Upon a Time in Chinese America at the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

For a full list of credits, training and special skills, please see my resume below.


Available in PDF format: Acting Resume – 2015

Acting Reel:

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